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"Vedic Mathematics" is a work in Indian Mathematics by Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji (1884 - 1960) based on sixteen sutras or principles. It has gained popularity in the past few decades because of its profound and simple concepts applicable to fast arithmetic calculations, that are applicable to day-to-day calculations like multiplication, division etc. Here is an overview on Vedic Mathematics presented to the parents in 2015.  

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At HTCS, we teach some of the techniques from Vedic Mathematics to school children to augment their learning in regular school. Fast arithmetic techniques for multiplication, division (using Nikhilam method), squares, cubes are taught. For the students in higher grades, topics are on Algebra, Geometry, trigonometry, etc


Saturdays, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm (No Walk-ins, prior enrollment is a must)  

Regular attendance and homework is mandatory. (Since space is limited, there is a waitlist for this class. Waitlisted candidates will replace irregular attendees to the class.)


 Testimonials from this class:
"I was so glad that I enrolled my son in the Vedic Math classes conducted by HTCS in Spring 2016. The teacher, Chandrasekharan, taught mental math tips on how to solve mathematical problems (multiplication, division) much faster than traditional ways. Using Vedic methods got my son to think different, stay interested in Math. He was also very excited that he could complete the problems quick. I kept telling that he will have and edge over his friends if he practices. I would recommend to all kids from grades 3 to 8 to make use of this ancient method from India. Thanks to Bala and other HTCS committee members for introducing this class".  


"Vedic Math classes helping my kids to do difficult problems in simple steps. As a parent I am also learning and enjoying the tips given in class and reference book. Thanks for conducting such classes".


Grades 3 (need to know multiplication) to Grades 12  

Seniors : Grades 6 to 8


Vedic maths coordinator: / (609)779-2797

Mr. Bala Andrapalliyal:

Temple Office: (908)-725-4477


The Curious Hats of Magical Maths: Vedic Mathematics for Schools (Book 1), Author : James Glover  

The Curious Hats of Magical Maths: Vedic Mathematics for Schools (Book 2), Author : James Glover


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