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Vedic Hinduism (for Children)


The Vedic Hinduism classes provide children with exposure to our religion and culture. Using these classes as a means, our goal is to instill in children a sense of belonging and a yearning to understand the explicit and implicit messages provided through our religion and traditional beliefs.
Bhajans are easily learnt by the kids and can stay with them for a lifetime.
Yoga one of the richness of our tradition, has been adopted as a simple and workable means to a healthy body and a sound mind throughout the world.
Craft classes involve art work that relate to our culture and beliefs and serve as a means to express our involvement in this community.
Prayers/Shlokas and Stories help us with answers to many questions. As we know, Hinduism cannot be taught with a single book or a single discourse. It is learnt through a journey that involves being a part of the tradition. Hinduism, being a way of life, has accumulated over the years: many moral stories, written and oral philosophical teachings and a wealth of knowledge. Hinduism has also added value and meaning to our day-to-day life through simple rituals and beliefs that are symbolic ways to reach the Ultimate.

Topics Covered include:

-Daily Prayers and Prayers for various Devatas,

-Symbolism in Vedic Hinduism

-Subhashitas which are verses of wisdom in Samskritam Language

-About Festivals

-Traditions and Culture

-Elements of Samskirtam Language                                                                           



       Anuradha Gorur :  908-938-6555
         Dr. M. G. Prasad:  973-943-3980
        Suchitra Rangan:  908-635-1945
       Padma Kurmala:  908-635-7036
       Meera Chandrashekhar:  908-268-4020
       Pallavi Bhatt:  973-584-2695
       Temple Office: 908-725-4477

Sundays 10:30-12:00 noon

      Hindu Temple & Cultural Society of USA, Inc.
      Sri Venkateswara Temple (Balaji Mandir) & Community Center
          (Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Organization.)
       1 Balaji Temple Drive, Bridgewater, NJ 08807
        Ph: (908) 725-4477